Privacy Policy

Our main aim lies in keeping our users personal information with full safety in the database. We take users information with is like name, address, phone number, email id. But we take this information from users when they have any query or want to ask something about our website.

Our main agenda is only to keep our clients personal information safely with us. We take users information for giving them feedback for the question they ask us about the website. That time this personal information is very useful for us. We never share your personal information with any third party users. We keep your personal information securely in the secured database.

First we take full confirmation from your side and then we share your personal information with any other user or any third party user. At the time when any user is surfing our website or downloading any information then with the help of our expert’s trackers we track that user’s information which tells us about the existence of them to our website.

The tracked information is like their server name, their domain name, their browser type, their IP address, and the date and time of visiting their website. Cookies play a huge role in keeping the users visiting information with them and store it in the browser for the use of their clients. Cookies are the small text files which are stored on user’s browser.